Benefit Denials

Find Direction

We have seen countless pension claims and thousands of claims involving all the major insurance companies. Because we fight for you and don’t simply take a case to settle cheaply, we have an extensive library regarding the various companies. We know what they do and how they do it because we fight to obtain that information in every single case.


If your claim is denied, then you’re likely feeling insulted. Implicit in every insurance denial is the suggestion that you’re either not telling the whole truth, or in the case of a disability claim, simply lazy.  


We focus our efforts on helping individuals get the benefits to which they are entitled. Whether you’re a physician who bought a disability policy 30 years ago or an attorney with a group disability policy, we know how to handle your claim.


We have helped countless professionals to include physicians, attorneys, executives and others obtain the individual disability insurance policy benefits to which they are entitled.


We also helped many individuals who served as hourly employees and who were denied group insurance benefits.


Regardless of the group that you may fall into, contact our office now to receive a free consultation. Don’t go into the fight alone.


Because of our level of experience in fighting for each client we have substantial familiarity with the major players in the insurance market to include:

Unum Group


Paul Revere

Provident Life and Accident


Life Insurance Company of North America



Lincoln Life

Liberty Life


Mutual of Omaha

United of Omaha


Lincoln Financial





Standard Life Insurance

Reliance Standard