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Insurance companies want to take advantage. Always. Even now. We have not stopped working since COVID hit our shores and we will not stop now.

We Continue the Fight

Our offices remain open and our staff continues to work on helping our clients. We have safeguards in place to make sure we can protect your team and you. We offer in-person and video conferences to meet with your team and have invested in state-of-the-art hardware and software so our team can keep you up to date on your claim.

Adding Insult to Injury

Because our practice focuses on “safety net” insurance policies, we began seeing the effects of COVID on our frontline healthcare workers almost immediately. One of our first cases dealing with COVID arose from a doctor who was exposed early on to the disease in a hospital setting. What followed led to the physician being diagnosed as a COVID-19 “long hauler.” One of the first, but not the last. The disability insurance company seeing what could turn into a very lengthy and expensive disability claim started fighting the claim almost immediately.

The insurance company began by attacking the credibility of our client’s attending physicians who provided statements in support of finding our client disabled. The insurance company then turned to claiming insufficient information to decide the claim. Finally, the insurance company in-house physicians (who we refer to as “denial docs” because they never think anyone is disabled) started disputing the medical and scientific data on COVID long hauler syndrome. With our on-claim process, we were quickly able to fight back and properly document the extent of the effects of COVID and got our client on claim.

Tackling a disease that has so little historical research required creative thinking and extensive contact with attending physicians and researchers across the country to properly document how the disease impacted a doctor’s ability to practice medicine.

More Resources

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