Firm Philosophy

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We are the calm in the storm. If you’re looking for a legal team, then the odds are something has gone terribly wrong. Whether you were wrongfully denied long term disability benefits or your pension claim was turned down, the effects can impact nearly every aspect of your life. In the turmoil, we are to be your rock. Our experience, our work ethic, and our passion about your case and about your well-being drive us.


In our experience, when a person or insurance company wrongfully denies your claim, they make an already bad situation even worse.


Our philosophy is a simple one, we stand and fight for you and your rights because you are the reason we have a court system.


If you find yourself seeking a lawyer to assist with a denied claim, you may be feeling angry, disappointed, offended or overwhelmed. Courthouses are not a place most are familiar with because judges and the legal system seem almost foreign, but they shouldn’t.


The power of the courts comes from the people, from you. That some faceless legal entity (with an army of lawyers at their disposal) denying your claim should not seem daunting. The imposing structure of the courthouse should not create uncertainty for you. The sight of another human being in the courtroom wearing a robe, armed with a gavel, sitting upon an elevated platform, should not be something you fear. You are the reason for all of those things, for you are the power behind the courts.


When we represent you in a courtroom, we understand that the very courthouse itself is a place built for you to bring your dispute and have that dispute resolved. To do that effectively, we arm ourselves as your counsel with the most powerful tool, your story.


In 1893, a Boston lawyer named Louis Brandeis penned a letter to William Dunbar, a young partner with his firm. In that letter, Mr. Brandeis warned that understanding the law required more than logic and knowledge of prior decisions. Being “book smart” isn’t enough to be a great lawyer, you must have a deep understanding of human necessities. Mr. Brandeis was considered by many to be one of the greatest client advocates ever and eventually became a Justice of the United States Supreme Court.


At our firm, we strive to understand the human necessities of our clients. For it is only by arming ourselves with a deep and abiding sense of their needs, wants and desires that we can accomplish what they have retained us to achieve.