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At Sinclair Law Firm, each client receives concierge level service. We do not believe in a hierarchy of clients or cases. Each client is equally important. We intentionally limit the number of cases to those we can properly serve. You can place your trust in our solid leadership and judgment.  At Sinclair Law Firm, we are honest, upfront and transparent. We are your advocates, your greatest ally as we work to resolve your dispute.




It’s about humanity.

We believe in our clients. We champion their causes. At Sinclair, we are committed to improving the overall practice of law one client at a time for the overall betterment of the client.

It’s about peace of mind.

We know if you are in need of our help, you are suffering. The hallmark of our firm is the ability for you to leave the problem with us, so that you may have peace of mind and a restored quality of life knowing we are shouldering the issue and working toward resolve on your behalf.

It’s about you.

“We do not sign a client until we know we can make a positive change in his or her life. We do this in the best interest of the public.”


– Tom Sinclair

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