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When we talk about individual disability insurance, we also have to talk about how the insurance companies fight the case. They’re going to fight these claims. Some of the claims are worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars over the course of life that they’re supposed to pay you.

Honestly, the insurance companies will spend a lot of money to fight valid claims if they think they can win or you’ll give up. The insurance companies typically do start off in these individual cases trying to get ERISA to apply. No punitive damages, no right to a jury trial, and only a federal judge will determine the claim. That’s the first stop. The next stop is they’ll start arguing about whether or not you filed the claim in a timely fashion. You may have filed it too soon, or I’ve even seen it on several occasions where they say you filed it too late. They will argue about everything they can think of under the sun.

Finally, they’ll start cherry-picking your words. The more contact that you have with the insurance company adjuster, the more words you’re giving them, and the more words they’re going to fire back at you. When you’re dealing with an insurance company, I want you to think about it this way. Words are to lawyers and insurance adjusters like bullets are to Marines. The more you give them, the more they’re going to shoot. Don’t do this alone. Give us a call and we can help you through this process.

Disability Insurance

You bought insurance in case you lost your biggest asset: your ability to work in your occupation. An accident or illness takes away that income and disability insurance promised to make you whole. Disability Insurance Claim Denials are becoming far too common.