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If you have a disability claim, you don’t want to walk around telling people that you’re retiring. That kind of phrase will come back to haunt you. The insurance company will dig it up and use it against you. You need to be careful with the way you interact with your physician. When you tell your physician that you’re going to have to file for disability, you don’t want the physician writing down “seeking disability benefits.” That sounds like you’re trying to get paid for something that you really don’t deserve. How you interact with people around you and the people who treat you is an important component that a lot of people don’t give enough consideration to. One of the things that we do for our clients here is that we sit down and go through these things with them. We help them understand the importance of getting their physicians on board with their disability claim without appearing to seek disability benefits. If you’re a professional wanting to retire from the practice of medicine or a doctor who needs to sell his business, although you may want to put down “I’m retiring”, don’t. That’s not the way things should be done if you want the best chances of recovering on your claim. We walk through all of this with you. Give us a call for your free initial consultation.