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Individual disability insurance policies are the kind of policies that were sold specifically to executives and professionals. Think high wage-earners who are CEOs, physicians, or lawyers. These individual disability insurance policies were sold with a promise to replace your income stream if you couldn’t do your high-income wage-earning job anymore. The problem with these policies is that the insurance companies don’t understand just how much you love your job or your career. You worked for years and years to do it. Most professionals and executives are not going to give it up willingly. If you have a disability that’s taking you away from a job or occupation that you love, you may lose some sense of self-worth. To have the insurance company tell you they don’t believe you is an insult on top of injury. We help you walk through that process. It’s not something you should do alone. That’s why we suggest you come in and sit down with our team. We’ll help you figure out what to do next.