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Why Work with Us

A fight against a team of insurance adjusters and insurance attorneys is not a fight you should go into alone.

Let Our Team Even The Odds

The other side will have a lot of experience in identifying the various issues that come up in the claim and will also have the experience to lay traps for you if you try to handle the claim yourself.

Because we have dealt with many of the attorneys at the largest law firms that typically represent the insurance companies, we know their tactics and we know what arguments you will face.
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It is especially important if you have a claim governed by ERISA that you do not wait until after the insurance company has denied your appeal to involve an attorney. If you have an ERISA claim, you need to take a few minutes to read through what that means and how it can impact what evidence can be considered by a judge once you get to court.

You are about to make one of the most important decisions of your life. Take a moment to contemplate who it is you are hiring and remember, you are in charge.


Talk to another attorney, whether it be a neighbor or someone who handled a family member’s claim years ago. If you happen to know of an attorney who works in your small town, goes to church with you, or you’ve trusted in the past with a different matter, pick up the phone and call them. There is no resource better than speaking with someone in the profession who can then make some phone calls and find you the very best lawyer for your claim.

If you don’t know of an attorney that you can speak with, then ask your doctor, accountant, or any other professional that may deal with lawyers on a regular basis. The key to “finding a good lawyer” is to talk to people who know the track record of the attorneys that you are going to speak with.

If you are an enterprising individual who wants to delve into observing your potential attorney’s work product, then you can sign up for access to the federal court system and search for an attorney’s name. That way, you can get an idea as to how hard the attorney worked on other cases. You can do the same for many state courts.


Hire an attorney because of a fancy website or because of their commercials or billboards. Advertising services are simply part of the marketplace for lawyers these days, so the fact that the attorney has an advertisement is not a bad thing, because many people do not have access to lawyers and those advertisements serve as an introduction opening access to those in need. That said, go sit down and talk with the attorney. Do not hire them simply because of marketing materials.


Award titles that sound really awesome but mean nothing. Beware of lawyers who claim they are super-duper lawyers, were awarded the best lawyer in their neighborhood awards, or are rated E for ‘excellent.’ Here is some background as to why we say this:

When Tom was putting himself through college, one of the many jobs he worked was at one of those old publications claiming they were ‘awards’ for college students. He made it about a day before he figured out all the publishers called every parent of a college freshman and tried to sell the parents on the notion that their kid could be listed in a bigshot publication or book or magazine for a mere $200. In essence, the “award” was not selective at all, it was not indicative of some miraculous achievement, it was merely based on the recipient or family member’s ability to write a check.

What about those publishers who claim they have conducted a “poll” in which lawyers were voted on to determine who is worthy of the award? Lawyers email one another (especially in large firms) and get their friends/partners to vote for them and in turn, they will vote for their friend/partner for the privilege of then paying the publisher…really.

Unless the lawyer has received an Award from their State or Local Bar Association, a law school, or one of the Nationally recognized Associations of Attorneys (and you would need to be a lawyer to know which ones matter), “awards” should be red flags. They are either legitimate or nothing more than fancy marketing wrapped up in an “award” that is given to the lawyer for giving the publisher the money. Either the lawyer did not know better (in which case you probably do not want them handling your claim) or the lawyer was hoping you do not know better.