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Our Philosophy

If you’re looking for a legal team, then the odds are something has gone terribly wrong.

Whether you were wrongfully denied long-term disability or life insurance benefits, or your pension claim was turned down, the effects can impact nearly every aspect of your life. In the turmoil, we are your rock. Our experience, work ethic, and passion for your case and well-being drive us.

Finding Direction

Our philosophy is a simple one: we stand and fight for you and your rights because you are the reason we have a court system. If you find yourself seeking a lawyer to assist with a denied claim, you may be feeling angry, disappointed, offended, or overwhelmed. In our experience, when an insurance company wrongfully denies your claim, they make an already bad situation even worse. 

Courthouses, judges, and the legal system can seem imposing, but they should not be avoided because the power of the courts comes from the People, from you.

When we represent you in a courtroom, we understand that the very courthouse itself is a place built for you to bring your dispute and have that dispute resolved. To do that effectively, we arm ourselves as your counsel with the most powerful tool: your story. Our focus is on you. We work hard to take away the typical insurance defense to your claim, which is to avoid talking about you and the facts of your case. We make sure your story becomes the focus of the case. We stand in front of you and protect you from the corporations and their team of lawyers.

We have dealt with some of the largest law firms in the world when fighting for our client’s rights. Because of our focus, we consistently obtain favorable results for our clients, and, in doing so, we also protect our nation against those who would have two rules of law: one for them and one for everyone else.