Picking Your Team

Find Direction

You’re about to make one of the most important decisions of your life. Take a moment to contemplate who it is you’re hiring.



Talk to another attorney, whether it be a neighbor or someone who handled a family member’s claim years ago. If you happen to know of an attorney who works in your small town, goes to church with you, or you’ve trusted in the past with a different matter, pick up the phone and call them. There is no resource better than speaking with someone in the profession who can then make some phone calls and find you the very best lawyer for your claim.


If you don’t know of an attorney that you can speak with, then ask your doctor, accountant, or any other professional that may deal with lawyers on a regular basis.


The key to “finding a good lawyer” is to talk to people who know the track record of the attorneys that you’re going to speak with.


If you are an enterprising individual who wants to delve into observing your potential attorney’s work product, then you can sign up for access to the federal court system (Pacer) and set up an account and search for an attorney’s name. That way you can see how hard that attorney worked on other cases. You can do the same for many state courts.


Attorneys know who they would want to represent themselves. Don’t short-change this choice.



Hire an attorney because of a fancy website or because of their commercials or billboards. Advertising services are simply part of the marketplace for lawyers these days, so the fact that the attorney has an advertisement isn’t a bad thing because many people don’t have access to lawyers. That said, go sit down and talk with the attorney. Don’t hire them simply because of marketing materials.