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Knowledgeable and Experienced

An ERISA attorney’s main duty is to understand how this complex law impacts their client’s right to benefits, as well as how to stay in compliance with ERISA, how to navigate any related laws and regulations, and how to best use that knowledge to help potential clients with any ERISA benefit denials. Some of the ERISA-related issues our law firm can assist our clients with include:

  • Disability Benefit Denials
  • Life Insurance Benefits
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Claims
  • Pension Claims
  • 401(k) Claims
  • Health Insurance Benefit Claims

We thoroughly understand how to correctly interpret the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Department of Labor Regulations, as well as applicable laws that impact ERISA claims. Just as importantly, the insurance companies know our firm and our commitment to getting our clients’ benefits. Sinclair Law Firm is here to help our clients with their ERISA claims. If you believe you have been denied a workplace benefit, contact us today!

ERISA Insurance Companies Will Take Advantage of Inexperience

The defense attorneys selected by the insurer will undoubtedly be very experienced in ERISA, and they will use that experience to distort the law and confuse the court. The common perception among attorneys and court staff is that ERISA automatically means the insurance company wins, and it takes a lot of work to counteract that. It is important your attorneys know what they are talking about. Even then, your attorneys are still faced with trying to win a case where the court is deferring to the insurer, and the insurer likely claims it controls the entire body of evidence that can be considered in the case.

Insurers will typically define the ERISA record as being whatever they choose to send your attorney, and this is essentially the same as an opponent saying you have to settle for whatever they proved. This is problematic for obvious reasons, and it will often take an extended discovery battle to get anything.

We have been told on more than one occasion by federal judges that there are two things judges hate: 1) discovery disputes and 2) ERISA. This makes things that much more difficult when dealing with an ERISA insurer that refuses to give you anything in discovery and has withheld portions of the ERISA record, but those battles must be fought if your case is going to succeed.

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