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Our Process

From your very first call with our office, our focus is to bring your story to the front.

Our process centers on one truth: facts give rise to the law. The facts of cases serve as a reason for our elected leaders to enact statutes to be the law of the land, and they serve as the basis for the rulings of our courts. We take on your case to change the law and to bring about a just result. That cannot be done without a profound understanding of the facts of the case.

Knowledge is Key

As we work with you, we draw upon your information of the events that caused you to need us in the first place. You are the wellspring of the facts of your own case and before your case is over, we want to know those facts even better than you.

Our attorneys and staff are proud that we read every document from the first time we get our hands on your claim file from the insurance company through the course of discovery as we search for the truth about why your claim was denied.

While we don’t have a one-size-fits-all process, we do have a procedure by which we get fully informed about your case before we promise to undertake your representation. This can sometimes mean we issue formal document production requests to obtain copies of your claim file or medical records. We then spend hours poring over those documents to find exactly what went wrong and why your claim was denied.

Regardless of the type of claim that you have, you can rest assured of one thing: before we are done, you will have a full investigation conducted into your case.

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To us, you’re not just a case. You’re a member of our family.

We recently obtained a settlement and are very happy with the outcome. The attorneys were very professional and we always felt that they had our best interests in mind as they guided us through the process. I can recommend them without reservation.


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