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Professional & Executive Disability Claims

Disability insurance is sold to you as a promise. We fight to make sure they keep it.

Protect Your Hard Work

Everyone has heard about homeowner’s insurance in case your home is damaged. Everyone has heard about car insurance in case you’re in a car crash or life insurance for your family in case of a tragedy.

What about your biggest asset? If you are a doctor, lawyer, business owner, accountant, corporate executive, or one of the many other high wage-earning occupations, your biggest asset is your income stream from that specialized occupation. If you spent twenty years in medical school, residency, internships, and countless hours earning the right to practice in your special field, what happens in the event you lose that ability?

Individual Disability Income insurance is sold to tens of thousands of Alabamians every year to provide an income stream in the event the wage earner in your family can no longer work or their income is significantly reduced. Triggering the income stream that is available in the form of a monthly benefit under an individual disability insurance policy requires an understanding of the way the insurance policy terms are interpreted by the courts and the way that insurance companies try to trip up unsuspecting claimants so they can then deny the claim.

We have seen thousands of insurance claims that have simply not been paid because a hard-working person tried to do it themselves and made a mistake that the insurance company took advantage of.

For someone who has struggled through decades of education to suddenly lose the ability to work in your specialized occupation can be a traumatic event. We understand the needs of professionals and represent them on a regular basis.

Just as in every case, our team prides itself on being the most professional in the courtroom. The complexities of these types of claims demand we be more focused and driven than the other side. The reason is simple: many insurance companies will do whatever it takes to avoid paying large claims. Most of the time the insurance company will try to confuse the issues, making the case seem so complex that it’s impossible to decide who’s right and wrong. They are professionals at muddying the water, moving the goalposts, and spinning straightforward facts, so we fight to undo all their defenses to your claim in the way that you would want someone to represent you.

Being a member of a specialized profession usually means you are a type-A personality. It also means you will be inclined to try to do the work yourself in handling your claim. Do not make this mistake. If you would not practice outside of your specialty before your disability, don’t start now. Whether you’re trying to navigate a long-term disability insurance company’s demands for proof of your condition or working to withdraw from the practice and business due to a disability, don’t go it alone.

Over the course of the past two-plus decades, we have worked with professionals to help them navigate the minefield of withdrawing from a profession they love. Our experience includes a focus on both group insurance benefits and individual disability insurance policies. You paid for a safety net for you and your family in the event you needed it. Let us help make sure that safety net is not stolen by the callous conduct of an insurance adjuster.

Unique Cases We Have Handled on Behalf of Professionals

A partner at a large regional law firm with a debilitating diagnosis.

A heart surgeon in a large medical practice who could no longer stand for the lengthy operations due to a degenerative disease.

An engineer involved in a serious accident that prevented him from returning to work.

A nurse involved in a car accident who could no longer lift patients.

An accountant who, due to a debilitating medical condition, could no longer focus at the level required.

A physician who, due to the treatments of his medical condition, could no longer be exposed to patients in a clinical setting.


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