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It’s about trust. The highest praise is when attorneys provide us with opportunities to serve their clients.

We are proud that almost all of our cases over the past 20 years have come from other attorneys. Every major firm in the state recognizes our commitment to our referring attorneys and entrusts their clients to our care. Long term commitment to our clients and their referring attorney relationships are what sets us apart.

If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to partner with us, we welcome the opportunity to serve your needs.

How can I refer a case to you?

We welcome your phone call to get us up to speed on your needs. We also provide a client screening package to help your staff screen for cases. Our forms are designed to speed up your initial client intake.

What cases should I send to you?

We primarily handle claims governed by ERISA (STD, LTD, Life, AD&D, and Pension), as well as IDI (Individual Disability Insurance) policies. To help with your screening of these claims, we will provide a short guide for your intake team. 

Once we receive the referral, our team will handle everything, keeping you and your team in the loop on our investigation. If our investigation reveals an actionable claim and we are prepared to offer our services on a formal basis, we confirm your referral fee and sign the client up. You will then receive periodic updates as the case progresses.

Case Referral Form

Let us help your clients. Email us today and receive our proprietary client screening and case referral forms along with primers for use by your staff.

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Your contact with us via this platform does not create an attorney-client relationship.