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Sinclair Law Firm Fighting Secrecy in the Courts

In recent years, the discovery process (where the insurance companies are required to provide your attorneys documentation regarding your claim) has become a battle of secrets with insurance company attorneys demanding “confidentiality orders” from the courts which then allow the companies to keep their harmful business practices secret. A recent news article highlighted the danger of such orders and how it may have contributed to the opioid crisis: How Judges Added to the Grim Toll of Opioids 

We Fight

We have consistently and successfully challenged the insurance companies’ demands for secrecy in the courts. We have successfully argued against Unum’s demands to keep its business practices secret and recently argued that a contract between Standard and Northwestern insurance companies should not be sealed from the public record. The contract between Standard and Northwestern set out an agreement for Standard to take control of all Northwestern group disability policies. Standard would receive most of the premiums and pay most of the losses and Standard would continue to sell group policies under Northwestern’s name. Keeping that agreement secret would hide from the public who they are buying policies from and who would handle their claims. In denying the insurance companies’ demands for secrecy, the court observed; “The court’s operation is of ‘utmost public concern.’ Its business is ‘presumptively public.’”

These decisions prevent the insurance companies from hiding what they do and who insureds are really dealing with when they buy insurance.

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