Why You Need a Team

Find Direction

The other side is going to have a large team and a fight against a team of insurance adjusters and insurance attorneys isn’t a fight you should go into alone.


The other side is going to have a lot of experience in identifying the various issues that come up in the claims and will also have the experience to lay traps for you if you try to handle the claim yourself.


It is especially important that if you have a claim governed by ERISA you should not wait to involve an attorney until after the insurance company has denied your appeal. If you have an ERISA claim, you need to take a few minutes to read through what that means and how it can impact what evidence can be considered by a judge once you get to court.


Because we have dealt with many of the attorneys at the largest law firms that typically represent the insurance companies, we know their tactics and we know what arguments you will face.


Don’t go into the fight alone.